Advantages of Aluminum Die Casting

2019-06-05 14:31:10

Aluminum die casting has a very important effect in industry. It has a very wide range of uses in many occupations. With the continuous development of society, people's daily demand is also increasing. The demand for aluminium die casting process is also increasing.

Advantages of Aluminum Die Casting

1. Aluminum die castings are beautiful in shape and light in weight. They can be conveniently transported during operation, which is also a great advantage in automobiles.

2. The density of aluminium alloy is obviously smaller than that of cast iron and steel, but it is much higher in strength and corrosion resistance. Therefore, under the same load and weight, the use of aluminium die casting can greatly reduce the weight of the structure.

3. As far as the appearance of aluminium alloy is concerned, its gloss is very good, and its casting performance is also very good.

The mechanical properties and tensile strength of aluminium die castings have great resistance to cracking of data during manufacturing. To a certain extent, their elongation is a measure of brittleness and plasticity of data. Hardness is the resistance to plastic deformation caused by the pressing or conflict of hard materials on the surface of data.

The working temperature and humidity of aluminium die casting, as well as the medium and air tightness requirements of workpiece touching, can meet the requirements of precision and dimensional stability of the whole product.

To some extent, the accuracy and roughness of aluminium die-casting profile will directly affect the working efficiency of pump and hydraulic system, the development of energy consumption and cavitation. The strength and heat resistance of aluminium castings such as cylinder block, cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston ring and exhaust pipe of internal combustion engine will directly affect the working life of engine.

Sand casting is preferred for aluminium die castings. The main reason is that sand casting is cheaper than other casting methods, simple production process and short production cycle. When the wet moulds can not meet the requirements, then consider using clay sand surface dry sand moulds, dry sand moulds or other sand moulds. Casting methods for aluminium castings should be suitable for batch production. Low pressure casting, die casting, centrifugal casting and other casting methods are suitable for batch production because of the high cost of equipment and moulds. Casting and die aluminium castings can be produced in batches as well as in single castings.