Analysis of the Good and Bad of Centrifugal Casting (Cast Aluminum Alloy)

2019-06-05 15:07:20

Whatever it is, it has two sides. Like us, we have both good and bad sides, and the same is true of centrifugal casting.


First, let's talk about the good details of centrifugal casting. He does not need to consume the metal in riser system and gating system, so he can greatly improve the power. In the production time, his castings do not use the core, so it can be very good to improve the function of metal. In centrifugal casting, his porosity is relatively small and the density is relatively high. So his power is good. He can calculate and use some composite metal castings for his operation is also appropriate and simple. We can also use centrifugal force to make metal. With more functions, he can produce some thinner castings.


His disadvantage is that if he wants to produce some castings of different shapes, he will be subject to some constraints. The size interval in the castings is not very precise, the interior is relatively rough, and the quality can not be guaranteed accordingly. Centrifugal casting of his castings is very simple, there will be specific gravity problems, so it is not very suitable for casting some alloys, especially some larger impurities than metal alloys. This is the good or bad of centrifugal casting, I believe that through their comparison, we should have a better understanding of centrifugal casting.