What is Centrifugal Casting

2019-06-05 15:40:02

Centrifugal casting, English name: centrifugal casting, is a casting method. Centrifugal casting is characterized by filling and solidification of liquid metal under centrifugal force, good metal feeding effect, dense outer structure of castings, less non-metallic inclusions, and good mechanical properties. It saves the investment of related materials and equipment by not using moulding and core-making. No riser is needed for casting hollow castings, and the utilization rate of metal can be greatly improved. Therefore, centrifugal casting is a material-saving, energy-saving and high-benefit process for certain specific shape castings, but special attention should be paid to taking effective safety measures. Especially for the current casting of copper parts, most of the factories use centrifugal casting, the most used is bushing, bearing bush, copper bush and so on.